California Lien Services
assessment lien Foreclosure and small claims judgements

California Lien Services provides aggressive and fully qualified experience in assessment lien non-judicial foreclosure services and full small claims judgements. Homeowner Associations are protected under California Law and may record an involuntary lien against a member’s property. This lien provides the association with the special right to foreclose the lien non-judicially preventing costly and time-consuming lawsuits. Please complete the assessment form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

California Lien Services will aggressively follow the minimum allowable time period under the Civil Code Section 2924 to prevent further delay in collection or foreclosure and is unsurpassed in service and precision. We are a fully automated trustee with over thirty years experience in processing foreclosures in California. Let us work for you to assist you in your collection needs with no hassles. Get the professional and personal service you deserve from California Lien Services.

For expert assistance resolving your collection challenges quickly and cost-efficiently, contact us 818-985-9382.